Vistorta is a modern estate in a historical rural village. It has been managed for more than a hundred and fifty years by the Brandolini family, soldiers of fortune that served the Venetian Republic, who have resided in both Venice and these lands since the 15th century. Agriculture enthusiast Guido Brandolini founded the farm in 1872.

The neoclassical villa, which was chosen as a family home by Brando Brandolini and his wife Cristiana in the early 1950s, is surrounded by a seven-hectare park designed by English landscape architect Russel Page. The landscape is elegant but understated, romantic but unpretentious, with ponds originating from spring water and groves of conifers and deciduous trees.

It was Brandino Brandolini himself who pursued the dream of creating a great red wine: back in the Friulian village in 1979, he took the reins of the winery and began winemaking with a new vision. Vistorta Merlot and the iconic Brando were thus born. White wines too are of importance to the family: Tocai Friulano, a grape that is always present on the lightest soils, gives rise to Bianca, an original wine resulting from spontaneous fermentation and long maceration.

The investment in organic farming has proven prophetic in regard to the latest trends in agriculture. The 140 hectares of arable land are planted with wheat, barley, sunflower, soybean, and alfalfa, following a rotation plan. The soil is interspersed with cover crops so as to constantly enrich it and make it and its ecosystem of microorganisms fertile, according to the principles of regenerative organic farming.