In 2023 Vistorta turned one hundred and fifty years old, and we celebrated its birthday by creating a book filled with images and stories. Thanks to company archives and family papers we uncovered old photographs, forgotten faces, peculiar details that awakened many memories of this place. Thanks to this book we rediscovered the passion of storytelling and the desire to share what has happened here, in this small rural village made up of people, fields and beauty.

Hence the idea of this journal on which to take note of the most significant events in Vistorta, a place where human time and the rhythms of nature constantly intertwine. The frequency of publications will follow the natural stages of wine: the harvest in late summer, winemaking in autumn, pruning in winter, and bottling in spring. Here we will give you an account of these and other activities carried out in the vineyard and winery, and we will weave them with stories of our travels, discoveries, and the people we cross paths with.

We will talk mostly about wine, as it is the topic we are most passionate about, and especially organic wine. But not using specialized language, because we believe that our Merlot, like our Journal, can and should be understood by everyone. That said, enjoy.